Calling all carb-loving comfort food enthusiasts! Tenderbest has arrived in Singapore, offering a haven for pasta aficionados and a playground for those who crave customization. This restaurant chain caters to every palate, transforming the classic Italian staple into a world of flavorful possibilities. Whether you’re a die-hard aglio olio purist or a curious adventurer seeking a Laksa Prawn Spaghetti fusion, Tenderbest Menu has something to tantalize your taste buds.

LocationJurong West Street 92, Block 959, Singapore 640959
Operating HoursMonday-Sunday 10:30 am – 10 pm
Delivery HotlineN/A


Tenderbest Singapore Menu has been neatly organized into various other sections that include Mains, Rice Sets, Burgers, Live Pasta Station, Sides & Extras, Chicken, and Family Bundle. Below we have shared the latest prices of all the dishes served in this restaurant.

Tenderbest Menu Singapore


Lamb Chop
2pcs set. Served with fries, coleslaw and garlic bread.
SGD 13.90
Signature Fried Spring Chicken (Half)
Comes with crispy fries and coleslaw
SGD 10.50
Honey Glazed BBQ Spring Chicken (Half)
Comes with crispy fries and coleslaw
SGD 10.50
Grilled Chicken Chop
Served with fries, coleslaw and garlic bread.
SGD 10.50
Teriyaki Chicken Chop
Served with fries, coleslaw and garlic bread.
SGD 10.50
Grilled Fish With Mustard Sauce
Served with fries, coleslaw and garlic bread.
SGD 10.50
Fish & Chips
Served with tartar sauce, fries, coleslaw and garlic bread.
SGD 10.50
Grilled Sirloin Steak
Served with fries, coleslaw and garlic bread
SGD 18.90
Chicken Cutlet With Mustard Sauce
Served with fries, coleslaw and garlic bread.
SGD 10.50


Chicken Chop Rice
Tender and juicy chicken chop! Choice of brown or black pepper sauce
SGD 10.30
Teriyaki Chicken Chop Rice
Chicken chop with sweet and savory teriyaki sauce
SGD 10.30
XL Chicken Cutlet Rice with Mustard Sauce
Crispy-crunchy on the outside and tender-juicy on the inside
SGD 10.50
Grilled Fish Rice with Thai Sweet Chili
For those who are calorie counting.
SGD 10.40
Fried Fish Rice With Thai Sweet Chili
Hand battered fried fish fillet
SGD 9.90
Ayam Masak Merah Rice
Spicy tomato-based sambal on fried chicken broiler.
SGD 10.50
Half Fried Spring Chicken Rice
Signature spring chicken. Shiokness level: 10
SGD 10.50
Half Roasted BBQ Spring Chicken Rice
Packed with flavour and delightful to eat.
SGD 10.50
Fried Wings Rice
2 pcs wings
SGD 7.80
Honey Glazed Wings Rice
2 pcs wings
SGD 7.80


Old School Fish Burger
Contains fried fish patty, lettuce, cheese and mayo
SGD 4.50
Old School Chicken Burger
Contains fried chicken patty, lettuce, cheese and mayo
SGD 4.50


Minced Chicken Bolognese
Tomato based spaghetti with minced chicken and mushrooms
SGD 7.50
Laksa Prawn Spaghetti
Laksa cream-based with succulent prawns.
SGD 10.90
Crispy Chicken Skin Aglio Olio
With grilled chicken thigh and black pepper sauce
SGD 10.50
Grilled Fish Aglio Olio
With grilled tilapia served with Sambal
SGD 10.50
Mushroom Aglio Olio (Vegetarian)
With fresh mushrooms tossed in fragrant spicy garlic mixture.
SGD 7.50
Chicken Mushroom Aglio Olio
Chicken chunks and fresh mushrooms tossed in fragrant spicy garlic mixture
SGD 8.90
Merah Chop Aglio Olio
Aglio olio with generous amount of sambal merah sauce on succulent, grilled chicken chop
SGD 10.90
Turkey Bacon Aglio Olio
Turkey bacon tossed in fragrant spicy garlic mixture
SGD 8.90
Half Spring Chicken Aglio Olio
Half signature juicy, fried chicken with tasty aglio olio spaghetti
SGD 11.50
Carbonara (With Turkey Bacon)
Creamy and rich spaghetti with turkey bacon. Total comfort food!
SGD 9.50
Mushroom Cream Spaghetti
Fresh mushrooms in rich and creamy sauce
SGD 7.90
Udang Kering Vongole
Spaghetti tossed with hei bee, fresh garlic, chilli flakes and briny clams
SGD 9.90
Chicken Cutlet Aglio Olio
XL cutlet with spicy garlic spaghetti
SGD 10.30
Fried Wings Aglio Olio
2 pieces of wings with spicy garlic spaghetti
SGD 8.50
Chicken Mushroom Cream Spaghetti
Chicken chunks and fresh mushrooms in rich and creamy sauce.
SGD 9.40
Roasted Wings Aglio Olio
2 pieces of wings with spicy garlic spaghetti
SGD 8.50
Tenderbest Menu Singapore



Plain Fries
Lightly salted shoe string fries.
SGD 3.50
Cheese Fries
Crispy fries with drizzles of nacho cheese sauce and mayo
SGD 4.90
Baked Meaty Fries
With chicken bolognese sauce, nacho cheese, mayo and egg
SGD 7.50
Fried Calamari Rings
8 pcs hand battered calamari rings. Made fresh.
SGD 7.30
Ayam Masak Merah Drumlets
5 pcs coated with spicy tomato-based sambal.
SGD 7.80
Buffalo Drumlets
5 pcs. Coated with buffalo BBQ sauce.
SGD 7.80
Mushroom Soup and Garlic Bread
Chunky mushroom soup with freshly grilled garlic toast
SGD 4.40
Garlic Bread
Freshly grilled garlic toast
SGD 1.20
A refreshing side to cleanse your palates
SGD 4.30
Potato Salad
Chunky potatoes with onions and mashed potato base
SGD 4.50
Chicken Nuggets
6 pieces. Perfect for kids and adults
SGD 5.00
Fish Nuggets
6 pieces. Hand battered fresh fish, fried to order.
SGD 4.90
Popcorn Chicken
Fresh popcorn chicken made from scratch, using Tenderbest recipe.
SGD 5.00
Chicken Skin
A tasty, crispy snack for low carb keto diet! Served with Thai sweet chlli
SGD 6.50
Chicken Turmeric Rice
Fragrant, Hainanese chicken rice naturally colored by turmeric
SGD 4.00
Nacho Cheese SauceSGD 1.20
Tartar SauceSGD 1.20
Thai Sweet Chili SauceSGD 1.20
Tenderfresh Chili SachetSGD 0.15
Extra Black Pepper SauceSGD 1.00
Extra Brown SauceSGD 1.00


2 Piece Lucky Set
2 original flavor piece meal. Comes with crispy fries and mini coleslaw
SGD 8.60
3 Piece Happiness Set
3 original flavor piece meal. Comes with crispy fries and mini coleslaw
SGD 10.90
5 Piece Tender Set
5 original flavor piece meal for 2 pax sharing. Comes with crispy fries and mini coleslaw
SGD 18.40
9 Piece Family Set
9 original flavor piece meal for 4 pax sharing. Comes with crispy fries and large coleslaw.
Recommend to order more fries for sharing.
SGD 33.90
Signature Fried Spring Chicken (Whole)
Original flavor. Dangerously addictive. Comes with crispy fries and mini coleslaw
SGD 17.50
Honey Glazed BBQ Spring Chicken (Whole)
Comes with crispy fries and mini coleslaw
SGD 17.90
Crispy Fried Wings
Signature Tenderfresh fried wings, fried to a golden brown perfection.
SGD 4.50
Honey Glazed BBQ Wings 2 Pcs
BBQ wings with honey glazed goodness.
SGD 4.50
Honey Glazed BBQ Wings 3 Pcs
BBQ wings with honey glazed goodness.
SGD 6.50


Pasta Set A (For Two)
2 X Chicken Mushroom Aglio Olio
1 X Popcorn Chicken With Nachos Cheese Sauce
SGD 20.60
Wings Galore
12 Juicy Signature Fried Wings
SGD 26.00


Yes, Tenderbest is a halal-certified restaurant so Muslims can eat at this restaurant with peace of mind. So, this is a suitable eatery for the Muslims living in Singapore.



Chicken Cutlet Aglio Olio: This timeless classic reigns supreme. Tenderbest’s rendition features a crispy and juicy chicken cutlet served on a bed of flavorful aglio olio (garlic and olive oil) spaghetti.

Spicy Chicken Mushroom Cream Spaghetti: Calling all spice enthusiasts! This creamy and flavorful dish features tender chicken pieces and fresh mushrooms mingling in a rich sauce with a satisfying kick.

Carbonara: A true Italian staple, Tenderbest’s Carbonara features perfectly cooked spaghetti tossed in a decadent sauce of egg, cheese, and cured pork. This dish offers a luxurious and satisfying experience, sure to please any pasta lover.

Laksa Prawn Spaghetti: This innovative fusion dish is a hot seller for its unique combination of flavours. Succulent prawns bathe in a creamy sauce inspired by the beloved Singaporean laksa, served over spaghetti.



Tenderbest has taken Singapore by storm, offering a haven for both pasta purists and adventurous gourmands. Their menu boasts a trio of signature dishes that pay homage to classic flavour combinations, from the simple yet satisfying Chicken Cutlet Aglio Olio to the creamy and slightly spicy Chicken Mushroom Cream Spaghetti. But Tenderbest truly shines in its customizability.



  • Sunday, 10:30 AM–10 PM
  • Monday, 10:30 AM–10 PM
  • Tuesday, 10:30 AM–10 PM
  • Wednesday, 10:30 AM–10 PM
  • Thursday, 10:30 AM–10 PM
  • Friday, 10:30 AM–10 PM
  • Saturday,10:30 AM–10 PM


Tenderbest is my go-to spot for a quick and satisfying lunch. Their Chicken Cutlet Aglio Olio is my all-time favorite – the chicken is always crispy and juicy, and the spaghetti is cooked perfectly al dente. It’s a simple dish done right, and it never disappoints. I also love that they offer a variety of customizable options. The other day I tried the Spicy Chicken Mushroom Cream Spaghetti with a medium spice level – it was creamy, flavorful, and had a nice kick! Definitely recommend it for those who enjoy a bit of heat.


Tenderbest is a breath of fresh air for the Singaporean pasta scene. Their Laksa Prawn Spaghetti is unlike anything I’ve ever tried before. The combination of creamy laksa sauce and al dente spaghetti is surprisingly delicious, and the prawns are fresh and perfectly cooked. It’s a true fusion experience that explodes with flavor. For a side, their crispy chicken skin is a must-try – it’s the perfect textural contrast to the creamy pasta.


As a picky eater, I often struggle to find something I like at restaurants. But Tenderbest has been a lifesaver! Their menu allows me to customize my pasta exactly how I like it. I usually go for the spaghetti with a simple tomato sauce and no spice, and it’s always delicious. They also offer vegetarian options, which is great for me since I don’t eat meat. The staff is friendly and helpful, always happy to assist with customizing my order. Overall, Tenderbest is a great option for anyone looking for a delicious and customizable pasta experience.



PastaMania: This local chain is a beloved favourite, offering a vast menu of affordable and delicious pasta dishes. Explore classic options like aglio olio and carbonara, or delve into creamy favourites like Vongole (pasta with clams) or Bolognese.

Latteria Mozzarella Bar: This restaurant focuses on fresh, high-quality ingredients, crafting delicious handmade pasta dishes. Their menu features seasonal specialities alongside classics like ravioli and tagliatelle.

Da Paolo Gastronomia: This Italian institution offers a delightful selection of fresh pasta, prepared daily. Choose from a variety of shapes like pappardelle, fusilli, and penne, then pair them with a diverse range of homemade sauces.

Artichoke: This casual eatery offers a modern take on Italian cuisine. Their menu features unique pasta dishes like squid ink tagliatelle with seafood or truffle fettuccine with porcini mushrooms.


Is Tenderbest Halal?

Yes, Tenderbest is a halal-certified restaurant so Muslims can eat at this place with peace.

How many Tenderbest outlets are there in Singapore?

Tenderbest has 22 branches available in Singapore, you can find the nearest outlet by searching “Tenderbest near me” on Google.

What is Tenderbest?

Tenderbest is a popular fast-food chain in Singapore known for its Western-style menu with a local twist. It specializes in crispy fried chicken, burgers, hotdogs, and other fast-food favourites.

What types of dishes are available at Tenderbest?

Tenderbest offers a diverse range of dishes, including crispy fried chicken, chicken burgers, fish burgers, hotdogs, and sides such as fries and coleslaw.

Are there any signature dishes at Tenderbest?

Yes, Tenderbest is known for its signature Crispy Fried Chicken, which is fried to perfection and served with a choice of sauces. Other popular dishes include the Tendergrill Chicken Burger and the Fish Burger.

Do they offer vegetarian options?

Yes, they offer vegetarian options such as the Veggie Burger, which features a plant-based patty, and sides like fries and coleslaw that are suitable for vegetarians.

Where can I find Tenderbest outlets in Singapore?

Tenderbest has multiple outlets located across Singapore, including in shopping malls, food courts, and standalone locations.



Whether you crave the comforting simplicity of a Chicken Cutlet Aglio Olio or yearn to explore the innovative Laksa Prawn Spaghetti, Tenderbest offers a delightful and customizable pasta experience. This guide has equipped you to navigate their menu and unleash your inner chef, but remember, Singapore’s culinary scene is a treasure trove waiting to be explored.

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