Calling all craving for a taste of fiesta! Singapore’s diverse food scene takes another delicious turn with Itacate Restaurant. This vibrant eatery isn’t just about serving Mexican food; it’s a portal to the rich culinary tapestry south of the border. Get ready for an explosion of bold flavours, fresh ingredients, and traditional cooking techniques that will transport your taste buds straight to Mexico. Below we have shared the latest prices of all the items offered in Itacate Menu Singapore, so you can plan your next meal with peace of mind.

Location71 Woodlands Ave 10, Singapore 737743
Operating HoursN/A
Delivery HotlineN/A


We have shared the complete prices of all the items offered in the Itacate Singapore Menu, along with the latest prices so you can plan your next meal there…

Itacate Menu Singapore
Itacate Singapore Menu


No, unfortunately, Itacate Singapore is not a halal-certified restaurant so Muslims should avoid eating at this place.



Street Tacos: These are a must-try at Itacate. They offer a variety of fillings, like carne asada (grilled steak), al pastor (marinated pork), carnitas (braised pork), and pollo tinga (shredded chicken in chipotle sauce).

Enchiladas: Another popular choice, Itacate’s enchiladas come in various options. Think classic cheese enchiladas or venture into bolder territory with their mole poblano enchiladas, featuring a rich and complex mole sauce.

Barbacoa: This slow-cooked shredded beef is a Mexican staple, and Itacate’s version is sure to impress. Served with tortillas, onions, cilantro, and limes, it’s a flavour fiesta in every bite.

Tlayuda: This giant Oaxacan corn tortilla is a unique dish on the menu. Traditionally topped with black beans, cheese, shredded chicken, and salsa, it’s a perfect choice for those seeking a hearty and flavorful meal.


Itacate’s menu is a celebration of bold Mexican flavours. Fresh ingredients take centre stage, whether you’re enjoying classic street tacos with fillings like carne asada or al pastor, or diving into a comforting plate of enchiladas. For the adventurous eater, options like barbacoa slow-cooked shredded beef, or the giant Oaxacan corn tortilla, Tlayuda, offer a unique and flavorful experience. Don’t forget to start your meal with refreshing guacamole and chips, or indulge in a cheesy delight with their Queso Fundido.



I usually don’t stray from traditional Mexican food, but Itacate’s menu is too tempting to resist! Their Korean BBQ tacos were a revelation – the smoky, sweet flavors perfectly balanced the fresh pico de gallo. My friend loved her sushi burrito with its light and flavorful filling. We shared some creamy guacamole and chips to start, and finished with churros that were light and crispy. A truly delicious and unique dining experience.


Sometimes you just crave the classics. Itacate satisfied my enchilada craving with their Enchiladas Suizas. The chicken was tender and juicy, the salsa verde creamy and flavorful, and the melted cheese brought it all together perfectly. The portion size was perfect for lunch, and the service was friendly and attentive. I’ll definitely be back to try their burritos next time.


I love trying new flavors, but eating out can get expensive. Itacate’s combo meals were a lifesaver! I got a delicious chicken burrito with rice, beans, and all the fixings, plus a drink, all at a very reasonable price. It was the perfect amount of food for a satisfying lunch. Plus, the option to build your own burrito bowl allows for complete customization at a great value. I’ll definitely be recommending Itacate to my friends on a budget who love adventurous flavors.



Nixta Mexican Bar & Grill: This Amoy Street hotspot uses fresh, high-quality ingredients and traditional techniques to create dishes like wood-fired grilled meats and handmade tortillas.

Huevos: Located in Dempsey Hill, Huevos offers a refined take on Mexican cuisine with an emphasis on fresh seafood and seasonal ingredients.

Super Loco: With locations in Customs House and Robertson Quay, Super Loco boasts a vibrant atmosphere and a large menu of tacos, burritos, and other Mexican staples. They’re known for their creative cocktails and lively weekend brunches.

Lucha Loco: This Tanjong Pagar restaurant combines a fun lucha libre theme with delicious Mexican street food. They have a wide variety of tacos, including vegetarian options, and their signature guacamole is a must-try.


Is Itacate Halal?

No, unfortunately, it is not a halal-certified place to eat for the Muslims. So, they are advised to avoid eating at this place.

How many Itacate outlets are there in Singapore?

It is located at the 71 Woodlands Ave 10, Singapore 737743. They have a single branch located in Singapore.

What kind of food does Itacate serve?

Itacate offers a unique take on Mexican cuisine. They feature classic dishes like burritos and tacos alongside innovative fusion creations that blend Mexican flavors with global influences.

What are some of their signature dishes?

While the menu may change, some potential highlights include Korean BBQ tacos, sushi-inspired burritos, enchiladas suizas, and burrito bowls.

Does Itacate have vegetarian options?

It’s likely they have vegetarian options, but it’s best to check their website or call the restaurant directly to confirm the availability and choices.

Does Itacate offer any deals or combos?

Yes, they are known to have combo meals that include a burrito, side, and drink at a reasonable price. They may also offer burrito bowls that allow for customization.

What are some dessert options?

Itacate offers classic Mexican sweet treats like churros with chocolate dipping sauce and refreshing horchata ice cream.



Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer seeking unique flavour combinations or a comfort food enthusiast craving classic Mexican fare, Itacate Singapore has something to tantalize your taste buds. Their menu boasts fresh ingredients, and creative twists, and caters to a variety of dietary needs. has done deep research in creating this menu, the prices, images and other information have been taken from the official sources mentioned below:

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