Craving a taste of Spain? Look no further than Pura Brasa Singapore! This popular restaurant chain has set up its first Singaporean location, bringing the art of Spanish grilling, or parrilla, to the heart of the city. Their menu boasts a delectable selection of tapas, grilled specialities, and flavorful paellas, all cooked to smoky perfection in a Josper oven. This page will share the complete Pura Brasa Menu Singapore, along with the latest prices and images.

NamePura Brasa Singapore
Location5 Wallich St, #01-16, Singapore 078883
Operating HoursMonday – Sunday 12 – 11 pm
Delivery Hotline+6563869678


Pura Brasa Singapore Menu has been categorized into various other sections that include Signature Specialties, Soup/Cold Cuts, Josper Grilled Burgers, Mains, Spanish Tapas, Josper Grilled Meat & Seafood, Desserts, Cocktails, Beer & Wine, and Non-Alcoholic Drinks. Check out the entire menu prices of the Pura Brasa restaurant in Singapore:

Pura Brasa Menu Singapore

Pura Brasa Signature Specialties Menu

Chef’s Grandma’s Style Seafood Pantxineta
Consist of scallop, prawn, mussels, and cod fish cooked in a mixture of flour, butter, milk, and gratinated with mozzarella cheese in the scallop shell
31.50 S$
Grilled GG Chicken Poussin
The Best Tasting French Chicken, Fed 100% Vegetables & High-Nutrition Diet (Antibiotic & Hormone Free), Marinated In Beer, Thyme, Rosemary, Oregano, Paprika, Lemon And Served With Baked Panaderas Potatoes
34.24 S$
Grilled Octopus Leg with Potato Truffle Puree
Imported octopus leg (140 Grams Only) from Spain grilled in Josper charcoal oven, served with homemade potato truffle puree
37.80 S$
Spanish Omelette with Chorizo and All I Oli Sauce
Spanish omelet with jasper-grilled onion, chorizo sausage, potatoes, and egg, served with a portion of crystal bread with Roma tomatoes.
19.26 S$
Spanish Pork Ribs
Cooked in two stages for 20 hours at a low temperature of 75c and finished at 400c in our Josper charcoal oven.
28.89 S$
Suckling Pig
¼ Spanish Suckling Pig roasted in Josper Charcoal Oven, served with garlic chips, Chimichurri sauce, and garden salad
101.65 S$

Pura Brasa Soup/Cold Cuts Menu

Jamón de Bellota Ham
Iberico Jamon de Bellota Ham cured for up to 24 months, served with crystal bread imported from Spain
42.80 S$
Crystal Bread with Tomato and Olive Oil
Specially imported from Spain, the Crystal Bread is served with Roma Tomato and Olive Oil
6.30 S$
Assorted Cheese Platter
An assortment of 4 different kinds of cheese and seasonal fruits (Mahon, Manchego, Truffle sheep, and Pedro Ximenez)
27.82 S$

Pura Brasa Josper Grilled Burgers Menu

Josper Grilled Wagyu Burger27.30 S$


Pura Brasa Singapore Menu Mains Price

Wok Tagliatelle with Vegetables22.05 S$
Tagliatelle Beef Bolognese25.68 S$
Tagliatelle All’aglio Sauteed
With prawns, garlic, and chili pepper and topped with a sunny-side-up egg.
26.75 S$
Squid Ink Paella47.25 S$
Iberico Chorizo Pizza
Iberico Chorizo Pizza served with Manchego Cheese.
36.64 S$
Charcoal Seafood Paella37.80 S$
Charcoal Salmon Paella47.25 S$
Carbonara Pizza with Iberico Pork Belly36.64 S$

Pura Brasa Menu Spanish Tapas

Calamari Cone in Andalusian Style22.47 S$
Grilled Chicken Wings with Straw Potatoes
Grilled Chicken Wings served with straw potatoes and fresh carrots.
19.26 S$
Homemade Spanish Croquettes9.90 S$
Huevo Rotos Con Jamón
60 months aged Arturo Sanchez ibérico gran Reserva ballot Jamon with bulls-eye egg and fried Brava potato
23.54 S$
Mediterranean Nachos
Nachos with Beef Bolognese, Jalapeño, Green Olive, Corn, and Cheese Sauce
16.05 S$
Patatas bravas
Potatoes with “aIoli” (garlic mayonnaise)
9.63 S$
Prawn Casserole
Tiger prawn sautéed with garlic, chili peppers, and olive oil.
23.54 S$
Spanish Omelette with Chorizo and All I Oli Sauce Spanish Omelette with Chorizo and All I Oli Sauce
Spanish omelet with jasper-grilled onion, chorizo sausage, potatoes, and egg, served with a portion of crystal bread with Roma tomatoes.
16.80 S$
Truffle Fries
Straw potatoes with grated parmesan cheese.
13.91 S$

Josper Grilled Meat & Seafood

Black Angus Sirloin
Grilled Black Angus Sirloin (250 Grams) By Josper, the side comes with Patatas and grilled mixed vegetables.
32.10 S$
Grilled Black Cod Fish with Mushroom Ragout35.70 S$
Grilled Iberico Pork Belly
Grilled Pork Belly with Smoked Apple Puree, Teriyaki Sauce, and Mixed Grilled Vegetables
29.96 S$
Grilled Iberico Pork Secreto with Romesco Sauce and Diced Vegetables
Iberico Pork Secreto served with Spanish Romesco sauce and diced grilled vegetables.
32.10 S$
Grilled Lamb Rack
With smoked apple cream, teriyaki sauce, and vegetable mix.
29.40 S$
Grilled Octopus Leg with Potato Truffle Puree
Imported octopus leg from Spain grilled in Josper charcoal oven, served with homemade potato truffle cream
38.52 S$
Spanish Pork Ribs
Cooked in two stages for 20 hours at a low temperature of 75c and finished at 400c in our Josper charcoal oven.
28.89 S$
US Wagyu Ribeye
(MS5) US Wagyu Ribeye (200 Grams) grilled in Josper charcoal oven, served with patatas and grilled mixed vegetables
53.50 S$

Pura Brasa Desserts

Tuna Salad
Mixed salad with balsamic dressing, onions, marinated roasted red peppers, and green olive.
18.19 S$
Chicken Caesar Salad
Romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, deep-fried chicken breast, parmesan cheese, mozzarella cheese shavings, and croutons.
16.05 S$

Cocktail, Beer & Wine MENU Prices

Spanish Traditional Churros
5 Pieces Of Spanish Churros with Dip Chocolate
12.84 S$
7″ Spanish Molten Nutella Cheese Tart
Kids favorite. It consists of flour, sugar, refined salt, butter, eggs, Nutella, and cream cheese
51.36 S$
7″ Spanish Molten Blue Cheese Tart
It consists of flour, sugar, refined salt, butter, eggs, blue cheese, and cream cheese
44.94 S$

Pura Brasa Non-Alcoholic Drinks Menu

Cappuccino5.50 S$
Chocolate5.50 S$
Coca Cola Zero3.30 S$
Coca Cola3.30 S$
Flat White5.50 S$
Iced Cappuccino5.95 S$
Iced Latte4.95 S$
Iced Lemon Tea3.30 S$
Iced Long Black4.95 S$
latte4.40 S$
Long Black4.40 S$
Mocha6.60 S$
Sprite3.30 S$
Vichy Catalan 500ml
Naturally sparkling water with high mineral content, Vichy Catalan is unique for its organoleptic qualities, taste, and health benefits.
4.50 S$
Vichy Catalan
Since its discovery in 1881 by Dr. Modest Furest I Roca from its spring in Caldes de Malavella (Girona), Vichy Catalan has become the most iconic and well-loved natural mineral water from Spain, renowned for its savory taste and health benefits.
22.00 S$
Pura Brasa Singapore Menu


No, Pura Brasa is not a halal-certified restaurant. That’s why, it is not a suitable eatery for Muslims.



Patatas Bravas: Indulge in this classic tapas dish featuring crispy potatoes drizzled with a rich and flavorful brava sauce. Some reviews mention Pura Brasa’s version is served with truffle and parmesan cheese, taking this classic dish to a whole new level.

Grilled Octopus Leg: Another popular tapas option is the grilled octopus leg. Cooked to tender perfection, the octopus is served with a creamy potato truffle puree for a delightful combination of textures and flavours.

Spanish Suckling Pig: This luxurious dish is a true showstopper. The suckling pig is slow-roasted until the skin is crispy and the meat is juicy and tender. It’s a perfect dish to share for a special occasion.

Spanish Pork Ribs: For a more casual option, the Spanish pork ribs are a great choice. Marinated and slow-cooked to fall off-the-bone tenderness, these ribs are sure to satisfy your cravings.



Pura Brasa’s menu in Singapore takes you on a delightful journey through Spanish flavours. While they don’t currently have their menu available online, reviews suggest a focus on tapas and charcoal-grilled specialities. Popular tapas include classic Patatas Bravas with a truffle twist and tender grilled octopus leg served with creamy potato truffle puree. For mains, dive into luxurious slow-roasted suckling pigs or crowd-pleasing Spanish pork ribs.



  • Sunday, 12 –11 PM
  • Monday, 12 –11 PM
  • Tuesday, 12 –11 PM
  • Wednesday, 12 –11 PM
  • Thursday, 12 –11 PM
  • Friday, 12 –11 PM
  • Saturday, 12 –11 PM


Pura Brasa was a fantastic find! We started with a selection of tapas, and everything was delicious. The patatas bravas were unlike any I’ve had before – the truffle and parmesan added a real touch of luxury. The grilled octopus leg was incredibly tender and flavorful, and the potato truffle puree was the perfect accompaniment. We shared the seafood paella for our main course, and it was easily the best paella I’ve ever had in Singapore.


We went to Pura Brasa for a special occasion and were not disappointed. The atmosphere was elegant and inviting, and the service was excellent. We opted for the Spanish suckling pig for our main course, and it was absolutely incredible. The skin was perfectly crispy, and the meat was melt-in-your-mouth tender. It was definitely a showstopper! We also tried a few tapas to start, and everything was delicious. The grilled vegetables were a great way to lighten things up after the rich suckling pig.


Pura Brasa is a great spot for a taste of Spain in Singapore. The menu offers a good variety of tapas and grilled dishes. I tried the grilled chorizo and the gambas al ajillo (garlic shrimp) for tapas, and both were delicious. The chorizo was smoky and flavorful, and the shrimp were perfectly cooked in a garlicky sauce. For my main course, I had the charcoal seafood paella. The rice was infused with a lovely smoky flavor, and the seafood was fresh and plentiful. The portion size was perfect for one person.



Esquina: Known for its modern take on Spanish cuisine with an emphasis on seasonal ingredients and innovative plating. They offer a la carte options and tasting menus.

Restaurant Gaig: Michelin-starred restaurant showcasing traditional Catalan cuisine in an elegant setting. Their menu features dishes like suckling pig and seafood paella.

Tapas Club: A popular chain with several locations across Singapore offering a wide variety of tapas and pintxos (small skewered snacks).

Las Tapas de Lola: A cosy tapas bar with a lively atmosphere. They offer a good selection of classic and contemporary tapas, as well as sangria and other Spanish beverages.


Is Pura Brasa Halal?

No, Pura Brasa is not a halal-certified restaurant. That’s why, it is not a suitable eatery for Muslims.

Where is Pura Brasa located?

It is located at the 5 Wallich St, #01-16, Singapore 078883.

What kind of cuisine does Pura Brasa offer?

Pura Brasa specializes in Spanish cuisine, with a focus on tapas, charcoal-grilled specialties, and paella. Their menu features classic dishes alongside some unique options cooked in a Josper oven for a smoky flavor.

Does Pura Brasa offer vegetarian options?

It’s difficult to say for certain without seeing the full menu, but most Spanish restaurants offer a few vegetarian tapas options like grilled vegetables or pimientos de padrón (blistered peppers).

Does Pura Brasa have a kids’ menu?

There is no information available online regarding a dedicated kids’ menu. However, some tapas options like grilled vegetables or patatas bravas might be suitable for children.

Does Pura Brasa offer delivery?

Yes, Pura Brasa offers delivery through services like Deliveroo and Foodpanda. They might have special delivery sets curated for groups, so check their delivery options online for details.

What is the price range for dining at Pura Brasa?

Exact prices are unavailable online, but reviews suggest Pura Brasa falls into a mid-range to slightly upscale price category. Tapas are typically priced per serving, while paellas and mains are priced per dish.



Whether you’re a longtime fan of Spanish cuisine or simply curious to explore its vibrant flavours, Pura Brasa Singapore offers a delightful culinary adventure. Their menu boasts a tempting selection of tapas, charcoal-grilled specialities, and flavorful paellas, all cooked to smoky perfection.

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